Naturopathic Care for Lyme & Chronic Diseases

Naturopathic Care for Patients with Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Diseases

Do you dream of the day when you can wake feeling refreshed with no aches and pains?   Do you want to have –

More Energy, No Swelling, No Headaches, No Joint Pain, No Shortness of Breath, and a Goodnight’s Sleep.   Call today:   203-814-1455

At Blue Heron Health our philosophy is that the human body wants to be at its optimal functioning but is often held back by obstacles. It’s only when the obstacles are removed that healing can and will occur. The obstacles can be many and may include lifestyle habits, disease (bacteria, virus, fungus and yeast), stress (psychological and emotional as well as physical), and diet, to name a few.

What to do if bitten by tick

Start to fight back to a healthier you so you can go back doing the things you love.  Take this BH – Horowitz MSIDS Questionnaire (HMQ) and see how you score.  Obtain a brief evaluation of your general health and immune system based on your answers.




  • For more than a decade Dr. Bell has been using traditional and innovative approaches based on each patient’s personal needs and preferences.  Whether it is pharmaceutical grade supplements, botanical medicine and or therapeutic nutrition I am able to work with you to find the right non-invasive treatment to help you feel your very best.

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    Life is too short to wake up every morning feeling achy and fatigued. And “No”, it is not age!

    You can feel better!